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Mario Andretti Racing Experience, "World's Fastest Driving Experience". Drive Indy-style Race Cars by Yourself! Driver's Meeting with Crew Chief. In Car Radio Communications. Personal Spotter. Yes! Passing is Allowed!

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Indy-Style Ride Along

Take a 3 lap Ride Along as a passenger in the back seat of a 2 seat, full size, Indy-style race car with a professional racing instructor driving at top speeds. Feel the g-forces and the speed in this exhilarating, open wheel, 2 seat Ride Along.

# Ride of your life.

SALE: $99.99 Retail: $129.99

DOUBLE Ride Along

New! Get the Double Ride Along, Go to the FRONT of the Ride Line and get DOUBLE the laps! Sit back and hold on tight as you ride in the back seat of a 2 seat, Indy-style race car for 6 amazing laps at top speeds. The Double Ride Along is worth every lap!

SALE: $199.99 RETAIL: $259.98

Indy Car Group


Get a taste of racing! Drive a full size, Indy-style race car for a 5 minute racing session around one of the nation's premier speedways. There's no lead car to follow as you drive a race car by yourself. It's an exciting and economical gift with a 50% savings!

SALE: $199.99 RETAIL: $399.99

Driving experience
Driving experience

Voted "Most Popular" driving experience for a reason. You drive an Indy-style race car by yourself for an 8 minute timed racing session on the speedway. Every minute counts in this amazing experience! It's the "Most Popular" driving experience guaranteed to be the most memorable. Approximately 3 hours.
SALE: $319.99 Retail: $499.99


Double the drive time is Double the experience! You drive an Indy-style race car for (2) 8 minute sessions back to back with pit stops in between- a total of 16 minutes of driving! Double the drive time is double the experience. Have no regrets and for for the Double! An Amazing Experience!
SALE: $639.99 Retail: $899.99


Do you have the Need for Speed? Drive faster speeds! You drive an Indy-style race car by yourself for (3) 8 minute timed racing sessions back to back with pit stops in between. A total of 24 minutes driving time.
SALE: $959.99 Retail: $1334.99


The perfect experience for the racing enthusiast! Drive a full size, Indy style race car for (4) 8 minute timed racing sessions back to back, a total of 32 minutes on track with pit stops in between each session. Work on driving faster speeds.
SALE: $1279.99 Retail: $2034.99


Take it to Victory Lane when you drive and Indy-style race car for (5) 8 minute timed racing sessions all back to back, a total of 40 minutes on track! Work on achieving faster speeds every session and get pit stops in between. Go for it in this amazing experience!
SALE: $1599.99 Retail: $2534.99


For hard core racers- It's by far the best one day experience offered! Drive a full sized, Indy-style race car for (6) back to back 8 minute racing sessions, a total of 48 minutes! Work on achieving top speeds as you drive white knuckled all the way.
SALE: $1919.99 Retail: $3034.99

We've got you covered! For a $35 Driver's Fee, drivers are covered with Vehicle Liability Insurance. Plus get Racing Electronics Ear Buds and Souvenier Racing License which is included in the Fee. The Drivers Fee is required for all drivers and is due at check out when making a reservation. Admissions/Amusement tax is required in some states and will be due at check out.

Mario Andretti Racing Experience 5 Star Customer Reviews

Mario Andretti Racing Experience Nationwide Speedways

Mario Andretti Racing Experience offers 12 of the nation's premier speedways!

Mario Andretti Gives Guitar Legend from “Journey” an Indy Ride at the Indy 500!

(ABC 4 Utah) A legend from the race track gave a legendary rocker the 'Journey' of a lifetime at the Indy 500 this year.
It wasn't easy, but Real Housewives star Michaele Schon pulled off the ultimate birthday surprise for her husband, legendary guitarist, Neal Schon of Journey.
Neal's a big fan of racing, so Michaele arranged for him to meet one of his all-time idols, champion driver Mario Andretti - at last month's Indy 500.
The two legends exchanged gifts. Neal is now the proud owner of an authentic Andretti racing suit, while Andretti now has his own custom made PRS NS-14 guitar.
The icing on this birthday surprise was a chance for Schon to ride-along with Andretti in his Honda "fastest seat in sports" racer. Neal says it's a rush similar to playing on stage in front of 15 million fans.

Mario Andretti Racing Experience- “World’s Fastest Driving Experience” A Driving Experience like no other!

Welcome to Mario Andretti Racing Experience, the "World's Fastest Driving Experience". We put YOU in the drivers seat of a full size, open wheel, Indy-style race car that's similar to the ones Mario Andretti raced in his amazing racing career. You drive a full size, Indy-style race car by yourself at Mario Andretti Racing Experience. This Driving Experience will be the most authentic driving experience or racing school you've ever attend. Mario Andretti Driving Experience is offered at 11 of the nation's premier speedways including Atlanta Motor Speedway, Auto Club Speedway CA, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Chicagoland Speedway, Homestead Miami Speedway, Kentucky Motor Speedway, Michigan International Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Phoenix International Raceway, Richmond International Raceway, and Texas Motor Speedway. Mario Andretti Racing Experience offers E-Gift Cards never expire and are good at any of the locations or you can make a reservation to secure your once in a lifetime driving experience. Don't want to drive a race car? Take a Ride Along in a 2 seat, Indy-style race car! Ride Alongs are available for those who want to ride and not drive. Make your dream a reality today and sign up for Mario Andretti Racing Experience, the "World's Fastest Driving Experience"!

Drive a Race Car at Andretti Racing Experience! Take a Ride Along in an Indy style race car! Sign up for driving experiences like no other at Mario Andretti Racing School, the Mario Andretti Driving Experience! Do the Mario Andretti Racing Experience! Indy style Driving Experience. Driving experience of a lifetime! Drive an Indy style race car or take an Indy Car Ride at Mario Andretti Racing Experience today.